10 ways to become visible on medium

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Medium.com is the largest website for writers from different backgrounds and countries. The one thing that binds us all together is writing.

Medium is home to over 45,000 writers who are doing very well in their art and craft of writing.

Are you a newbie who has consumed loads of contents from productive and top writers on medium but who needs practical steps in order to hone your skills on medium? You’re welcome because you’re just like me.

Follow these 10 tips closely and watch yourself translate from just a mere writer to a fabulous writer with earnings and reads to show for it.

1. Write, Write, Write

Writing is a calling and as much as possible, engage with it. Your first draft doesn’t have to be perfect because, in the real sense of it, no one is perfect. We all are only working towards perfection. From where you are start. Every renowned writer the likes of Sinem, Ayo, Matthlily all started somewhere, they didn’t just move up the ladder in a day.

However, in all of your writing, do not take away the place of writing a very compelling headline.

2. Writing a compelling headline

One of the ways to ensure your visibility on medium is to ensure that you write compelling headlines, not just once but consistently and that is because Compelling headlines draws your audience, the majority of posts gets clicked on because of the headline, if your headline is dry and unappealing, it might repel people off from wanting to check out your article.

Research has shown that headlines with figures tend to do better than those without figures. Streamline your writing into points that will make it easier for your audience to flow with you.

3. Have the right mindset

Without the right mindset, everything else is a mirage. In order to get the best from medium.com, you have to exercise a lot of patience, you won’t become a millionaire from writing on this platform in a day, there’s a thorough process to everything. Having this right mindset will keep you writing even when the odds are down and it seems there is nothing to show for it. Salem talked about how she was getting almost peanuts compared to the efforts she put in but when she started yielding results, it was fast.

More often than not, the right mindset will keep you more than your insatiable request or need for quick money. Most newbies like myself come on here with the mindset to start making money from the first month, while this is not impossible, your writing need meets a recommended standard for you to start cashing out from here, and in other to get to the point, there’s the need to write, make mistakes, learn and relearn. Your next level will require a lot of patience from you.

4. Learn from superiors

When I got on here and discovered that I wasn’t getting any reaction or engagements on my posts, I decided to do what I termed self-discovery, I wanted to know what I was doing wrong and I went on YouTube and immersed myself in content and videos from successful writers on medium. I started reading their bits and slowly but surely, I saw the mistakes I had been making and I started correcting them. Even though I am not where I want yet, I can say categorically that I am not where I used to be and I have moved.

There’s going to be a journey from where you are to where you are supposed to be, so stay on track and learn.

5. Engaging with other people’s posts

Engaging with other people’s posts is one way to ensure visibility on medium. Commenting, clapping for people is a way of telling them that I love what you do and by doing so, you can reach out to them and copy their style, command and inculcate it into your own work and write-ups. medium abhors plagiarism so this isn’t to encourage you to copy anyone’s work and parade it as your own. Even when you make a reference from a person’s work, give credit to the owner, this way you’ll be saved from the stress of having your work discredited as a result of plagiarism.

6. The use of pictures

Pictures on their own are storytellers, A social media post with pictures is likely to generate x4 engagements than the one without a picture. This goes to tell you the impact of using pictures in building visibility on medium. There’s the need to employ the use of the right pictures for your posts from a website, it is not right to use a Google picture, there are sites that give you access to free quality pictures that are good for you. Sites such as Unsplash, pexels are good ones.

7. Groups

As a newbie, there’s a lot to learn and unlearn, joining a group of like minds will be a good start in your journey.

8. Choosing the right publication

One mistake I made when I started my medium blog was that I was posting consistently without any publication and therefore, there were no engagements and absolutely nothing to show for my hard work. Not until I got to know about the various publications. There’s also the need to do your research well by searching out the various publication houses that are best suited for your writing and posts.

8. The use of storytelling

You might want to add a bit of storytelling because storytelling is one viable way to reach out to people. People can relate more to storytelling than facts and figures. You can employ the use of this powerful mechanism.

9. Post Regularly

Create a routine for your posts and you can use scheduling tools to schedule your posts for each day. Sinem said when she noticed that she was not getting the necessary money, she had to strategize and committed to writing and publishing it each day which she did for 6 months and it later paid off.

So, consistency is key here. Post continuously and see your medium transform.

10. Stop writing for yourself, write to your audience. Stop writing on medium like you’re writing and keeping a personal journal.

You’re writing to an audience, keep it so and write that way.




Life coach, content creator and Lawyer.

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Yetunde Asaolu

Yetunde Asaolu

Life coach, content creator and Lawyer.

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