1.Volunteer; volunteering is a two way thing, it benefits you as much as it benefits the company you’re offering your services to. Your portfolio will demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about the skills you claim to have and that you can provide value to your potential employer. Finding the best organization that matches your skills and interest is usually the hard part. Looking for a company or organization that requires the type of content is one step, the second step is reaching out to them for free value adds; you’re merely honing your skills and adding value.

2. Build your portfolio; as a writer who is just starting out, you will need a portfolio if you’re to make anything out of writing.

Your portfolio is an inventory of the works and contents you’ve worked on. This is what you send to a prospective client. Endeavour to make the body of work as excellent as possible. If you are starting out and cannot afford a blog, Places like medium, substack, hubpages are great places to start putting your body of work and subsequently, you can use sites like clippings me, freelancer by contently, writers residence to showcase your work.

3. Ask for reviews; you can ask for testimonials from the company or companies you’ve worked with. The reviews serve as social proof. The testimonials and reviews helps establish credibility

4. Start writing anything at all; one beautiful thing with writing is you get better at it the more you write. Your first draft might not be perfect but keep at it and be open to learning, unlearning and relearning.

5. Pick a niche; as a writer who is just starting out, you can write virtually about anything at all but picking a niche will help you scale faster and help establish you as an authority in the field faster than someone who writes basically on everything and anything at all.

6. Read books; Your writing tends to reflect the styles of writing in the books you read. You can be on your bed and your imaginations can take you to the streets of Vancouver.

7. Start Guest posting; Look for blogs and other outlets where you can guest write, it may be free, but the benefit will be building your brand and getting instantaneous exposure to relevant traffic .

8. Join writing groups

9. Position yourself well and treat your service not as a mere hobby but as the business that it is.

10. Know when to write for free; you can write for free when the audience is large or when the person involved is your hero.

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