Oftentimes, we blame our excesses on our weakness when in fact, we all have been endued with the inner strength to SAY NO when our weaknesses come calling.

You are struggling with alcoholism but each time there is a premier league football match, the first place you run to watch it is at a beer parlour despite having full DSTV subscription and petrol in your generator, then boom, your club wins and your friends implore, exhort you to take the last bottle just to celebrate the victory, what you did is ‘’ you just fed your weakness ‘’

You have been trusting God to take away violence from your life and here is someone screaming and shouting at you and you decide to stay there knowing full well that you might be provoked and eventually, you end up beating the person, you feed your weakness the moment you decide to stay rather than walk away.

You’re trusting God for a life of purity but all you do is, go to your boyfriend’s house at 10 pm to charge your phone and maybe rain now falls heavily.

Bye and large, you end up in the shackles you’re trying so hard to break from.

You’ve been trusting God to deliver you from drug addiction but all you do is, hang out with friends who lured you into drugs in the first place and when you’re offered a roll of marijuana, you will start praying under your breath not to fall, totally forgetting that there’s no way you’ll stay beside a smoke that you won’t smell of smoke. Before you know what’s going on, you’re taking the roll for the umpteenth time.

We can deceive the whole world but we can never deceive ourselves.

NOBODY is perfect, ‘yes’ but how about staying away from actions that tend to make you lose guard.

There are situations you put yourself that will only feed your weakness.

You wouldn’t want to see your weakness becoming obese as a result of too much food. would you?

Think about it…….

Life coach, content creator and Lawyer.